Originally from New York, Jayne Duryea has been in South Texas for the past 25 plus years. Receiving her BFA with additional graduate study from East Carolina University, she completed her masters at Texas A&M University at Kingsville in painting and drawing in 1988. Since 1989 she has been Chairperson of the Visual Arts Division at Coastal Bend College where she has taught since 1981.

Glass Object

On Glass:

My objectives, as stated on painting, are the same for Glass. Glass is that three dimensional expression of my need for exploration to complete the cycle of creativity. Glass is a natural choice for it is extremely alive and fluid. The deep connection to nature, our greatest teacher of life, constantly surprises and inspires me to push the limits of glass beyond the realm of understanding. A meditative dance, it influencing me as I influence it, until the collaboration is complete. As Alfredo Barbini once said, "You do not force glass, you follow glass."

Photo of Painting.
Photo in Duryea Studios.

Duryea Studios

Beeville, Texas

Her works can be found in many private and permanent collections throughout the States, Canada, Cayman Islands and France. She is represented by various galleries and is listed in many "Who's Who" publications along with a charter member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Her vehicle of expression can be found in either paint or glass. Light and color, along with a return to nature, for the expression of her sensibilities, are her major concerns.

Photo fishing. The extensive travel in Europe, particularly the six month Sabbatical in France, opened many avenues for her work. Through the tutelage of her friend and mentor Robert Willson, she was afforded the opportunity to blow glass at the A.R.S. Murano glass factories in Venice, Italy, during 1996 and 1997. An enriching experience which she expects to continue yearly.

On Painting:

My objective, essentially, is to create a heightened sense of color interaction, to bring a freshness or clarity to the movement of color. To explore that visual illusion of color and space that reawakens our perceptions. One of the major abstract elements begins with my interest in the fluidity and movement of nature and its particular color and light quality. To create a lasting effect in memory; to make an impression, "Imprinting Nature", so to speak. The works become a kind of meditation on sensuality, sorrow, loss and self discovery. The vehicle for exploration and expression can be found in paint or glass.